DroneLife Launches YouTube Channel

DroneLife is excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel: DroneLife TV. The aim is to take our industry expertise and objective journalism into the medium of video. We’re starting with some simple product profiles that will accompany news articles and features, but the long-term goal is to upload in-depth reviews and interviews […]

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Brutal video shows exactly why orcas are called killer whales

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U.K. Police Tout Country’s First Operational Drone Unit

Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police have announced that they are the first police forces in the U.K. to launch a fully operational drone unit. The respective forces started testing drones in November 2015; now, they currently have six drones in operation. Specifically, they are deploying the DJI Inspire equipped with a zoom camera and […]

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How Drones Can Improve Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance

  Could the same technology that’s currently being used for aerial pizza deliveries and capturing news coverage also be the solution to fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure? That’s what researchers at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are advocating. According to a recent report, PwC found that the best potential prospect for drone applications is in the infrastructure sector, which they predict to be a $45.2 billion opportunity.Read more…